You Know Where

February 1st, 2019

(for those who in their eagerness have forgotten of their innocence)

I know nearly nothing about Paris,
because I’ve never been there.
I know a little about London;
I was there once and it was loud,
and their ferris wheel was slow.
I haven’t been to most of the continents
So I can’t tell you about those.
I’ve been to most of the towns in the area
and a lot of them are pretty nice

Did you know there’s a spot in the center of this city, where when the water is right you can sit on a sideways tree and dangle your legs in the river?

Did you know there’s a field at the North end of Churn Creek that you can put blankets in and watch the moon turn red?

Do you know how to get to the hundred-foot bluffs to sit above the skyward-stretching sundial’s spire?

Have you seen the stoned and waking city at sunrise when light pours into the promenade?

Have you ever visited the river-trailings-off which turn from pavement to gravel, then dirt and hidden homes of mice and men?

Have you seen the translucent city zen sometimes on sidewalks when weather permits?

Do you know which river crossing brings you across the Styx?


Don’t try to see these things though — you won’t find these feelings there —
They’re at home — you know where.