You Are My City

January 13th, 2019

It’s been tough
at least I know it has been for me but

let’s not get madder until we know

a little more about
how mad we already are
and a little bit more about
how we got this way,
How the junkies started out happy and then they got sick
How the rich people by the river started out dreamy-eyed and then they got sick
How the police started out eager to please and then they got sick
And before you start talking trash
about the dope fiends, ask
yourself if the dopest thing isn’t just dopamine,
and if you’re an addict,
If you have a habit
of feeling good about yourself:
not health-y,
not wealthy,
not wise,
but complacent;
let’s face it:
we all wish
we didn’t have to do this,
keep getting high
so we can hold onto the lie:
that happiness lies outside our minds,
so we smoke pot || brew a pot || brew a beer || go from here to anywhere, burning oil in the air
And it’s not just all the chemicals
and it’s not just the contrails
and it’s not just the bellicose
and it’s not just the fructose
and it’s not just the fluoride
and it’s not just the television or the internet
And it’s not just the wifi or your wifey
And it’s nothing you could be trained to believe, or eve-
n something that could be conveyed or say-ed.
It’s all in our head - we’re dead
before we are born.

In any case, I love you, Redding.
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to deny it but
You are a good place to be born
So I plead for your name on heaven’s ledger.
Redding, you are my city.
All my sins removed in time
From what I’ve been
and from what I’ll be.
I will let you go
when God tells me so
But until then
You are my city.