West Seattle

January 13th, 2019

West Seattle is best Seattle
Don’t think so, we’ll have a messy battle

You heard of Mackned?
Rapper from West Seattle
He’s got a wack head
and raps like a lefty paddles
Nah, I take back what I said
No flack / haven’t met
Can’t talk down on West Seattle
Just writing raps, not killing dead

Come to West Seattle
where a festive hat’ll
get you compliments /
Won’t get anyone bent

If you have to get out of West Seattle
Take a trip from the Feedback ’Ll
ounge / to Bothell town
to visit the Browns
Where they got that fruitcake down
And fresh-eaten crab’ll
Send you back full to West Seattle

Whether it’s chilling at the Schmitz Preserve
Or killing it with some ritzy desserts,
Going with friends to Duwamish head
or making Amish friendship bread,
Going out for drinks in Al-ki
Where you don’t need no alibi
or going jogging down to Fauntleroy
On a brisk and scenic jaunt of joy
All the haters can
leave West Seattle, we’ll
meet the rest / at the Admiral

And if you ask
Where the eff we at, we’ll
tell you: West Seattle