Too Deep

January 13th, 2019

Too deep,
Into the eye of madness plunging
Calm within - only tales have told
Shaved heads, q-something hair braids,
Past the prattle of prurient philosophers
And drone of demagogs
To the porcelain throne in the back of the bar
Kneeling before The Lord of liquors,
Wrenching and cursing and spewing curses, pleas, promises
"Never again too deep never again"
A drink to calm the nerves,
A shaky cigarette,
Listlessly leering into the maelstrom,
Ready to feel the sting of errata? and debris
Too deep,
Murderous musings,
Unattended wallets,
Seven proxies,
Bit coins, silk roads of cash flow
Funnelling, cartels, arms dealers,
Burner phones,
Underground empires,
-the whiskey stays the drive-
Blueprints, ducting, faked ID badges
"I know a guy"
Duffel bags of plasticine molded automatic rifles,
Board meeting,
Lawmakers, lawyers, politicians
Kill em all
Ideas die with their idealists
Anarchy rebuild
Too much and again,
No stopping.
Dead end. Try again.
Law school, pandering, marketing
All organised lies anyway,
Presidency? Let's dream.
President has no real power. Too distributed a government. Learn Chinese, violent overthrow?
Don't dream too big.
Ok next we - how did you get here? I was one
Rattling of ice. Another?
Welcome distraction.
Sink again.
Too deep.
Too deep into the eye of madness.