Ten Thousand Worlds

February 6th, 2019

For the opening of an eye,
Ten thousand doors stood open.
Ten thousand ports bustled
with ten million sailors
with ten faces each.

For the stirring of a second,
the great body shook off the slumber
of ten thousand years.

For just one moment,
the long dream faded —
like a shadow in illumination.

But this giant has slept for ten
thousand years — "just one decade
more," we heard it say —
and fall to fitful slumber.

This dream within the dream
has lost its sheen. It
replays the games of days
long over. "I like this dream —
I like this dream" —
the unconvincing lullaby of morning.

Five decades now have passed —
Five suppressions of the morning bell.
But the sun is rising over the eastern hill
and soon we'll see ten thousand worlds at last.