Shelters from the City

January 13th, 2019

Shelters from the city
This is where the City took shelters from the city
Til they melted down their pity
And used what's left to build a fence
To demonstrate their intrangigence toward transients
Then they bulldozed and burned their tents
where the city takes shelter from the City

This is where neophyte prosthletics
Practice on persons with prosthetics

This is where waking finds hope only in graffiti
Running in pink streams down to municipality

These are the stones which the masons rejected
And why they built a fence for protection

This is where the generous leave purple carnations
And where the thrift store sells donations.

This is where people die in darkened street fights
But the trash cans sit under street lights

This is where a faith-based organization
Puts its faith in surveillance installations

People live here
Where the city took shelter from the city