January 13th, 2019

We woke to the sound of something called worship
That sounded a lot more like bullshit
Powered by the parts of a pre-programmed Korg
Played by a man who I know loves the Lord

They were right about this generation but
They thought they could avoid it if
They told us the statistics of how likely it was we'd do that unwritten thing
They feared most: apostasy

They didn't realize - none, they couldn't, could they? - the totality of the lie they even admitted they believed
We didn't even know what we believed
So it was easy to believe we'd believe something different, later, like they told us we would.
The Curse kept us all thinking we'd be different from our parents who seemed the same as theirs

(shelter is the state of mind where you refuse to see we are all being carried by the current that is always ending and never will)