A Return

January 13th, 2019

A wistful tentative return, and the day’s rejoicing,
With no assurance of stability and peace in presence,
To march home with the stout resolution that once
Sustained you and fed you life - to be condemned
And bottled up in jars of conformity and decorum,
To be sequestered away and decried as arrogance,
Now returns and in bold assertion proclaims perseverance.

The autumn breeze reminds you of boyhoods lost
And innocence surrendered to the longer arm of conflict,
And fleeting romances which lasted til the morning light,
And bedtime prayers and firefly-lit nights and sleepiness,
When the world was kind enough to tolerate temperance,
To bathe fellow man in the clarifying light of moderation,
Not this petty extremism that grows like a fungus,
Infecting with its inexorability and its pious prohibition.

And the rich earth gives way beneath your feet,
Bearing the weight of its long-lost brother upon its beaten body,
None of this modern concrete will sacrifice itself for your sake,
Won’t gently compress to save your soles and shape itself,
But the Earth, the Earth of your childhood, your childhood
And the Earth’s - will gladly welcome its returning brother
With a warm heart, an open smile, a full cupboard,
And all the blessings the land can freely give.