A Recipe for Redding

January 13th, 2019


  • 150y of poverty
  • 5mi2 of pavement
  • 1 railroad
  • 2 HWYs
  • 2 lakes
  • 2% humidity


  1. Mix together ingredients

  2. Add trees & allow to bloom

  3. When the bicycles have started to appear, make sure they have somewhere to go

  4. Some unemployment may appear, depending on your elevation. This is normal for a city as it expands

    • Note: A city's downtown defines its nights, but its outskirts define its days.
  5. Plant vegetables liberally. Some people like to use pesticides but this actually ends up having a negative effect

  6. Plant fruit trees at regular intervals.

    • (make sure to install rainwater catchments or you'll end up having to add a lot more water)
  7. If any lots become abandoned, place food or people in them. Abandoned lots are not good for the health of a city. Food & people are.

  8. Bake for 3 mo. at 110°

  9. Add water as necessary

  10. When it begins to cool, harvest vegetables. Brew beer for winter.

  11. When the rains begins again, you will be ready to serve

Feeds approx 100,000. Adjust recipe as necessary