The Proof is in the Put-In

January 13th, 2019

I get pegged as straight because I married a woman.
I’m definitely not a lesbian — never even been to Greece but I’m definitely gay.
I’m bisexual because there’s no v or I chromosome (just me and my chromosomes).
I’m transsexual because I’m always changing (and so is everyone else).
I’m queer and you don’t need to
peer very hard to see that
I’m pansexual because everything is sexual (even pans, [especially cast iron {let’s start the fire}]);
I’m omnisexual because my parents may have had sex in an Omni
I’m asexual when I know it isn’t necessary (and especially when I’m gay).

You could call me an istist
Because I’m prejudiced against people who identify
Especially people who self-identify

But I think in recent times I’ve become more of an ististist
Because I really shouldn’t be quite so prejudiced.
Instead of taking a stand, I’ll just work to resist
because the fact is it engenders dysphoria
In New York or California
to take a stand against any Man of any gender
and it’s absolute patent stupidity
for a fish to feign fighting fluidity.