On the Occasion of Elizabeth's 29th Birthday

January 13th, 2019

Years pass like miles and you take them both in stride,
Roaming forth through forests deep and river valleys wide.
Sometimes the sight’s familiar, at other times surprise
But no matter what the journey holds I know I can confide
In you to share my hopes, my joys, my fears,
With you to stand time still while we navigate the years,
With you to keep me company after one too many beers,
With you to take the step when the journey isn’t clear.
Our destination is the same:
Love (that goes by many names)
So over very varied terrain,
Through the exciting & mundane,
By foot or bike or bus or train,
In love, in ecstasy, and pain,
And as one mind but not one brain,
We’ll make the journey, wild, untamed.
A day like this’s a marker post,
Reminds us what: we’ve found, we’ve lost,
What matters not, what matters most,
That the journey’s not from coast to coast
But from the out to in the heart of God,
As we were: broken, flawed,
To be, to come, which is the best;
I & I as one with thee Elizabeth