No More Bargains

January 13th, 2019

No more pleas/no more bargains just talk
You & i in this postponed calm.
Tell me who you are / how I came to be
What plans you have / your dreams
Teach me to stand/amble/hobble/walk/run/falter
Teach me to rise & leap & fly
Teach me the words concealed until now
Teach me how to hear that faintest voice
That never fades into the too-distant.

I know that voice
From the brushes of my last lips,
From quiet amniosis
From the thousands I have been to the I Am

I know that voice
From the deepest places
From crisp supernovae
From silent furnaces hung like chandeliers in the peak-ed ethereal chapel
From prismatic tones of starlight on the atmosphere

I know that voice
From the struggling pale gusts from my mouth
From the soaked & oaky utterances of strangers
From the silences between linked & lusting eyes

Its words are the psalmist’s poems and the flowing prose of history;
The strictest rows of woven code,
The growing moans of poet’s hope.
Your words are these & the millions more that drop/ripple/fade/sink
My words are yours — my voice — yours — and each day now growing so am I