No Heresy

January 13th, 2019

Wrinkled old lips part and “love God and love others that’s all there is to it — love others where they are and Jesus loves you this I know”and his prune-like knuckles mount the wheel like the cavalry of the Lord himself coming over the Hill of Golgotha. He lackadaisically weaves in and out and through the traffic on the five and looks at me like I’m attending his deathbed and he’s telling me all of his wisdom. “Jesus came to love and so should we and you need to love people not change them and understand that you are who you are”and he goes on and on and I know he believes and lives all this but yet he’s never gone to college or attended seminars or discussed theology in gilded halls and yet he is so much better at a concept I have never grasped but struggled and wrestled with heresies and blasphemies and never believed and in knowing never known. There is no heresy of the simple-minded and the knowledgeable are damned of their own devices and I stare straight ahead into the city haze and wonder where I went wrong