Nacho Judgement

January 13th, 2019

Old old acquaintances pull up in an Über @ the only gay bar in town; what do you say to that?
The guy with the cross on his arm from the copy center is reluctant to dance & the stoner from your old job says hello @ the jukebox;
now you’re writing poems against a dumpster
And now the ordinary appears from nowhere:
“Look you’ve smoked a cigarette or two” or five or twenty who are you to judge the smell of smoke that wafts across the bar?
“Eat your nachos, son of earth. Be filled with corn & guacamole like any of your ilk would do.
“Discover every moment as if you had not imagined it: as if you had even guessed it right at all.
“Look here you mortal human: you please yourself with all the stuff of now until you learn to go without
“But until then take pleasure, overwhelming pleasure in all the things that I can give you; take them you mother fucker: look: I can give you all the things that you wish for in this world — why would you ask for any other?
“Your jealousy will burn this planet;
“If only — you thought — but the most basic compound — H2O will stay your banter; will hush your foolishness”