My Lover

January 13th, 2019

My lover's so deep she may never be filled
My lover's so wild she may never be still.
She holds a power between her thighs
That works us both to roaring sighs

Upon her chest her breasts beckon:
Her cleavage teases squeezing and releasing and squeezing again,
Some teasing, more squeezing,
Licking and leaving,
Admiring, reclining and deep gazes,

Her face is
A mystery / her place is

Her ass is fantastic
she wills me grab it,
slap it,
jab it,
slide inside her lines and live inside.

Today her legs are furry like
she knows she’s a neanderthal
Tomorrow may be smooth like
she knows she's less banal / than all
that implies.
Her thighs / her hips
her breasts / her lips
Move me to madness & fantasy, ecstacy and destiny,
Each part of her is a part of me,
No part of her is too hard to be
Against, within,
Surprised, amazed
Examine every sin
And not have to turn away.
Our end is / never
Our path is / pleasure
We take our / leisure
And lay back ‘mong lilac / and heather