Modern Work

January 13th, 2019

Somewhere this shift from “have work” to “have to work”—
From a gift to an obligation. Where did that preposition come from?
What does it prepose?
I suppose it says something about a saturation of tasks—
namely, that saturation has declined & so
we have been tricked into busi-ness instead of labour,
which is birth and which is harder & harder to find but still as necessary, just as effectual, and whose completion still stands in the way of our transit from this planet.
We have a few tasks left like treasures, like veins in a mine.
Business is just killing time,
but surprise! Time’s immortal; we are not.
So while millions flail fruitlessly (or fruitfully but it makes no difference if the fruit is left to the fruit flies) into wide, empty pits, easy to access but barren.
A few gems remain, their facets well-fit to the sockets awaiting activation in our crystal final form.
They yield to seekers of rare treasure—
treasure that has no present value—
only one with vision will see them.