Jerusalem, CA

January 13th, 2019

There are demons in this city who will drown a man in thirst
There are angels in this city who will cover every curse
There are prophets in this city who will prophesy in verse
There are robbers in this city who will empty out your purse
There are mourners in this city who will scoff upon a hearse
There are scoffers in this city who will mourn for something worse
There are haters in this city who need lovers to go first
There are lovers in this city whose hearts will surely burst
With all their love for this city which they draw upon to nurse
All the suff’ring of this city which generations have traversed
And come to surface in this city in the fervent and accursed:
There are houses in this city which the river will submerse
There are places in this city which have seen things so perverse
That the river in this city could never wash clean or reverse;
There are debtors in this city who can never reimburse
Though some debtors in this city borrow more without remorse,
there are debtors in this city when asked will say “of course
God has put me in this city to convey & to converse
With all the people of this city: ‘There is death but also birth
And though the story of this city has mostly been the first,
the time is coming to this city when the order will reverse
and all the children of this city who now all live dispersed
will return to this city and their lifeblood will disburse
all the payment due this city, whether better or for worse
and then the borders of this city will become the universe’”