January 13th, 2019

I've been trying for hours to sleep,
And maybe it's the coffee but then again,
This never happens.

And I'd like to think it's my body's way of keeping me from dreams,
Because dreams are more painful than memories,
Because you don't have to wake from memories,
And dreams leave you restless and teary-eyed,
But then again, so do memories.

And so I'd like to think it's conditioning,
From all those sleepless nights,
When we stayed to see the sun rise.
And it's my body telling me what it wants,
But then again, no.

The reality of it is that there's no order or reason for it all,
I simply can't sleep and that's how this is going to go,
But if I die before I sleep, I have one request to make,
That you come with a warning label that reads:
Warning, side effects may include insomnia. Use with caution.
To be taken orally.