I Know You Think of Me

January 13th, 2019

I know you think of me when I think of you
— Dare we disturb the dragon? or do we listen only
& meet only face-to-face when grace folds her wings around us?

I know you think of me how I think of you —
Unlike any other anchor
Unlike any other
Bound to share the sinking & the swells
Bound to shelter us from hells
Bound not to free each other but to be freely bound

I know you think of me when I think of you
Getting hit with lonely passing glances
Watching the ripe, routine, and deep romances
Playing out in work & the swirling dances
Listening to the music that moves us
Alone or as one body
Staring off in one-sided conversations where the other is not present

You are my richness in poor times
You are my constant when it all changes
You are my presence at all times
You are constance made only of changes