I Have Loved You Once

January 13th, 2019

I have loved you once, and greatly.
And when I swore to no one in particular
That it was True, I broke no vows.
But time has worn us down - time and its shadow,
And we are again wanderers in a lonely land.
I can no longer hold your hand,
Or whisper unfounded assurances,
Or calm your racing heart with a word and a touch.
The lonely bird in the far-off lands has called your name,
And I have savoured the last brush of your fingers
For a while now - too long.
But the words I wrote you remain inviolable,
Lonely and lost as they now are,
And my lines detailing yours stay true,
Though I no longer feel their satin whispers.

Please, become more than I wished you to be,
And consecrate yourself to your soul -
I hope for your happiness and nothing more,
For what we once held now lies in the ocean,
Immobile and buried beneath the corrupting waves of time.