Human, Dreadfully So

January 13th, 2019

Sometimes, when it is late and you are tired,
You are human, dreadfully so,
And innocent
Enough to be honest.
And we are, together,
and the infinite outside has left us be
For this infinite inside, of all-being
And all-seeing,
And all-touching and of all-now.
And we lay, no lying between us,
And all our pretentions have vanished
And less then ever, we are human.
This forever will escape us,
As all forevers do, to be swallowed,
By the long-procrastinated oblivions of
Tomorrow, and tomorrow's future,
But we can argue against it,
And we do, and we lose, but we will have
Fought the battle and in fighting found solidarity.
Our pass to meaning and its infinite offerings,
And when the time comes,
Our sparcely-tainted testimony will carry us
Into the infinite forever.
Can we lie here just one moment longer
For the whole of time?