May 9th, 2019

Being a man is like being your own father,
Not like being any other known father.

When a boy is young he cannot see Wisdom
unless he is sitting on his own father.

Shouldering the burden of care is not for children
Who may carry it a while and say "take it on, father."

The uncles who invite themselves fall away in number
until only one tells us how to be, that lone father.

We must have witnesses to our mistakes/sins
to ever recover: let me atone, father.

We must have silent witnesses to our
inconsolable sufferings: hear me moan, father.

Our children will vindicate our silent glories:
When they set out themselves: "How you shone, father."

I am Tyler now, Mel's son, Story's father.
When that voice erupts without I will be a grown father.