January 13th, 2019

I'm looking for enough.
Tell me; who has enough?

I've seen people who've had enough
and everyone wants enough,
but I know nearly no one who knows they have enough

People who know they have enough are the hardest to find
because when you have enough,
you know you've had enough,
and you can't have just enough anymore,
like an or-
     gasm, and nothing will do
just that anymore.

But it's true that enough won't come to you - 
you have to make it come.

To dance with enough and not to cease it in its flight,
To do this now because it's right,
to never stop, to never know,
to never make by measuring slow,
to always come and never go

have you had enough of wanting enough?
If you have enough, say so when offered something else,
Because enough will never be a thing by a different name