Easter on Armageddon's Eve

January 13th, 2019

Unease on Easter
Yet He has still risen, indeed.
Will these words be read before the world's end?
It doesn't matter as long as there are family & friends.
More so the love of the one who conquered death.

Conquered death - let that phrase seep in.

What would that even mean?
To do away with death -
to destroy destruction itself
To light a flame to burn all flames
and to burn without wasting
But today it seems like we waste without burning
Fire without light,
like the world spins without turning.

Today we remember
Today we know
That no matter how slow
progress seems to go
The change has already been made
The victory already won -
We are leaving the burning Babylon

We may cling - like sore losers
or lovers of abusers
These are the last horrible gasps of a pierced & dying beast
Who wretched with terrible thrash does double damage with its feet
It kicks out the fire, throws ashe in the air
The fields under its feet are trampled bare
It will not accept that its time has come to die
Its deal with the devil has come time to pay
And the devil has his own debts to God
As did we all
Until Jesus paid
Only one had to die
Only one refrained
Only one will die