David's Cave

January 13th, 2019

This is Redding’s freshest art gallery
300ft of open canvas

follow the light at the end of the tunnel - it’s a different world over there
climb the tracks to get back or pass through art into reincarnation
leave your name here so that you are free to go without it, or shoes, or clothes or
hide from your rulers here, listen to them pass over you overhead over river listen to their passing while you perfect your (x) and at their final passing you will claim their rails and their land and you will decorate every corner of their city like you practiced here so long while you were sleeping - these quakes are their trains’ passing
Time will not touch your names
They will be buried beneath newer incarnations of the same - large block letters building the thinnest of cities

“I’m on emission from God” spewed over the tunnel walls
under the 939 carved in stone
it’s so quiet here right now and so loud,
a hundred voices saying all they know how to,
in whites greens metallic yellows
and “start wearing purple”s
Jesus is here too —
literally the writing on the wall —
signs and wonders —
Is this a sign, I wonder?
Jesus is here where he's always been
In the wilderness
with the lost and the naked girls
with big tits — crudely-drawn — yelling
“FUCK THE POLICE” (underline)
And soliciting love through scrawled digits on brick
PKWZWRT-VEGAS=TBK=I am here I am chosen
here I am
send me —
the lost wandering tribes of Israel
that have roamed the wild of NorAmerica
for forty, forhundred years,
forgotten prophets left in splooge stains
in fear-filled apartments,
in used rubbers in filthy water,
flushed away in are you-486-even listening to me down toilet mouths with too much to say and not enough to be heard
PORK SINE FREEK DUBBIE Come out and paint
hope all ye who enter here —
assuming you have any
and if you don’t, you can pick up some
hope, dope, horse,
heroes and heroin, beggars and thieves, honest folk earning an honest living
and Christian kids who thought they were raised better —
sprayed into big white letters
three feet tall
and bordered with crimson tears