Bursting Bubbles

January 13th, 2019

Slowly slipping through the scintillating void / where undiscovered dark stars burst into brilliance and being / universes to their own end, generations of genealogies flipping by like Numbers / counting upward to infinity and back down, like Mobius’ tower / smashing back into supernova.

We drift upward through pulses of imploding infinities, like deep charges / depth charges around a submarine - wholly unprepared for every new catastrophe. We plug the leaks as they come, and head for the surface.

We have never been there, and our pictures of home are tattered. / We have been here forever, forgotten our family. / We head for the surface. / We tell ourselves stories about how it looks, how the great void above the great void feels & tastes / like the air here but less like dying.

We are water trapped in air trapped in water / bubbles rise in our chests as we surface.

The void outside is bright & beautiful & unknown / once we reach the surface we will look down at the dancing phantoms / and wonder at our fear, and dip our toes past the barrier of death, and drink cool cubes of shimmering water / and breathe the air which does not decay