7 Stanzas

January 13th, 2019

Stanza 1

Spinner of cosmic tales
Grasping from far & bringing near
Truth to light
Writer: spin your tales,
Designer: your mind is in all things -
Repurpose the old for new
Bring us close to God
Poet: reflect this world,
show us both is shimmering tones
As well as its devils
Creator: create. you are the mind of the universe

Stanza 2

The world outside
Does not exist.
So do not worry about it.
The world inside
is rich with youth.
Plant strong seeds and tend it well.

Stanza 3

As water meets glass
So do worries crash
they are beautiful bubbling flurries
That quickly pass

Stanza 4

There has always been a small dark place
With bared feet and deep unworn carpet
where the child crawls when the world is too much

Stanza 5

A calcified windowpane
is all that keeps me here.
The children are throwing stones.

Stanza 6

I was told not to waste my time sitting
which is why I sail so readily.
We’re off to sink stilly in the deep till the pressure caves our head!

Stanza 7

Talk fittingly of tomorrow
And you will always have it.
Speak fully and it will always be.